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morning hours. 55 gaithersburg. 61 manassas. these are nice. going to get even cooler, i think in the nights ahead. but the day at a glance, 68 degrees at 9:00. at noon 76. nine across the -- sunshine across the region but the winds will pick up and be northwest 10 to 15 miles an hour. possibly some stronger gusts but a delightful morning. angie, what's going on in traffic? >> trying to wake up. we are getting there. thank you, tom. right now, overall, nothing major going on in the immediate viewing area. notice the icon on the map. we want to take you there outside. take you live to 395. this is what we are dealing with it's just a disabled vehicle to the shoulder response is on the scene and it is not affecting the flow of traffic. keep things moving. take you to 86, drivers are -- 66. drivers are moving at speed. the outer loop is okay, clean and clear from 95 to 270. and live from inbound new york
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avenue, this is at bladensburg road, a great example of that incident-free commute through the district right now. andrea, back to you. police in fairfax county are on the hunt for a man who sexually assaulted a woman at a bus stop. it happened early yesterday morning at the intersection of la vista drive and franconia road. kristin fisher is live there with the latest on this investigation. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. well, you know this all happened almost exactly 24 hours ago. so you can really see how dark and how empty it was right around this bus stop where that 23-year-old woman was attacked. 4:30 wednesday morning, a 23- year-old woman was waiting at a bus stop when a man grabbed her from behind and sexually assaulted her. shortly after the victim was found bay jogger who flagged down an officer. police say the 23-year-old fought back. she was taken to a local hospital with nonlife-
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threatening injuries. now the search is on for the suspect. the victim wasn't able to get a good i.d. while she was fighting him off but police describe him as a heavy set male between 25 and 40 years old, wearing a white t- shirt an tan cargo pants at the time of the attack. >> creepy. i can't believe it happened so close to home. >> i can't believe it happened. right out in the open by a bus stop where people catch the bus and everything. >> to think that someone could be lurking in the neighborhood, it's upsetting. >> reporter: right now, if you can take a look over my shoulder, you can see there is actually fairfax county police officers and detectives can vasting this area. what they are doing is stopping all cars that come through this intersection. since this did happen almost exactly at the same time yesterday morning. what they are doing is they are stopping all of these cars and handing out these -- basically just a description of the suspect and exactly, a description of the crime that,
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indeed, took place. so really at this point in time they are trying to find out if anyone knows anything. if you are one of those people that may know something about this case, the police are asking you to call the crime solvers tip line at 88 -411-tips. andrea? >> kristin, thank you. a protester took a stand outside of discovery channel headquarters one week after the hostage crisis there. walt ray walked up and down with a sign reading james lee was right. lee is the environmental activist that took three discovery workers hostage before montgomery county police shot and killed him. ray says he thinks lee snapped when people would not listen to his arguments. >> when i read his manifesto, i found much of it to be accurate. >> he may have the right to protest, freedom of speech but you should keep an eye on him because he may have more to his agenda. >> reporter: college student edmund says after last week's violence he is tempted to call
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the police about this kind of protest and some other people who saw ray's protest told 9 news it scared them. one woman has life- threatening injuries after a car struck her and a friend and plowed in to a restaurant. it happened last night in adams morgan at the intersection of 18th street, florida avenue and vernon street. witnesses say the two women were standing on a median when a car went out of control, hit them an ran in to the restaurant. the restaurant was closed and none of the workers inside was hurt. police took the driver in to custody to question her and to decide whether she should face charges. a ride-on bus caught fire last night in silver spring, maryland, near discovery headquarters a wayne and colesville road. montgomery county firefighters believe it started in theningen compartment of the bus. everyone on board got out safely. the cause of fire is urn investigation. traffic -- under investigation. traffic was a mess in the area last night. time for another "living
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$mart" report. jessica is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street. >> good morning. wall street really waiting on this latest look at the job market. what we are going to get this morning is the number of new claims filed for unemployment benefits. this is a day after new numbers showed the job openings rose for the first time in five months. asian stocks were mostly higher after a rally at home. the dow is standing at 10387. it added 46 points in trading yesterday. the nasdaq up almost 20 an the s&p 500 gained about seven points. with people worried about their jobs, they are keeping the plastic at home. consumer borrowing fell in july. house holds bullet cut back on credit card use for the 23rd month in a row. that is a drag on the economy have which is powered by consumer spending. when we think of customizing a car we may think of rims and spoilers but eyelashes, meet car lashes they atrap above the head lights and
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they are selling out. the first 2,000 are gone and another 10,000 orders on file. the cost 25 there's a pair. you can also buy eye liner for your car for $20. >> why do i want that? >> i don't know. some people like it for the vw bug. it's cute. >> okay. >> okay. >> personality. >> what do you have in the next half hour? >> we have today's money saver. today we will save you cash at the seafood section of the grocery store. >> you can save cash by not buying eyelashes for your car. something for everyone, right. thank you, jess. virginia governor has released details of his plans to privatize the liquor industry. the he says the state can raise a half billion dollars by selling the abc stores and take in $230 million a year by auctioning 1,000 liquor licenses. the bulk will go to grocery and discount stores. small stores and pharmacies
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will get the rest. the governor wants the money to find highway congestion relief projects. >> i have always been sort of a -- in favor of privatizing wherever it can be done but it has to save money and turn those funds back in though community and i'm not sure i see how that's going to happen yet. but if that is what will happen i think it is a good idea. >> reporter: many democrats are skeptical of the plan voicing concerns that tripling the number of alcohol outlets lynn crease alcoholism and drunk driving. could a christmas tree hope the door to the kkk? a board voted to allow displays this holiday season. meaning any decorations can go up as long as they are safe. one who voted no said they are worried about them having to accept displays from the kkk.
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b.p. spreads the blame on the report in the disaster in the gulf. that story is coming up. why the huge wildfire in colorado could get even worse today. some local scientists talk about the work that's been stalled because of a ruling on embryonic stem cell research. it is 68 degrees an you are watching 9 news
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authorities in colorado are trying to find four people missing as a wildfire spreads near the city of boulder. the fire destroyed 135 homes, about 3500 people have been evacuated and today, forecasters expect drier and windier conditions in the area. a florida pastor's promise to burn copies of the koran has led to a warning from the state
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department. u.s. embassies have been told to brace for the possible fallout. despite growing pressure and a personal visit from an iman, pastor jones has not backed down. b.p. released an internal investigation in to the spill in the gulf. they say it resulted from a series of mechanical failures, human judgment and engineering design. while b.p. admits to making mistakes, it says transocean and halliburton share the blame. there's something new to worry about when you take your kids to the dentist. details coming up. and what is left of tropical storm hermine plagues parts of texas even spawning tornadoes. in for howard bernstein is tom sater. >> good morning, everyone. 96 yesterday at reagan national for the high. delightful conditions for the next couple of days. we could use some rainfall. satellite picture, across the region, all is clear this morning.
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and i have a great forecast. i'll share it with you in a few moments. stay with us. you are watching 9 news 8 mi. now, that's progressive. call or click today. this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road.
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the aftermath of tropical storm hermine is still being felt. funnel clouds spawned around dallas, texas yesterday. some reaching this ground to become tornadoes. a truck driver was hit when a
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twister slammed his rig in to the building and at least two deaths have been blamed on flooding from the storm. tom sater is in for howard bernstein this morning and good morning to you. are you one of the storm chasers? >> i like to see the video but i like to see them from a couch. and not follow them. he was pretty close. quite a story he had. >> your colleagues go out and do that. >> they can shoot the video all they way. i will sit back and enjoy it. the next couple of days nothing but sunshine. a little breezy still today, just like last night. the winds that were kicking up gusting to 20 we may see that this afternoon and still tomorrow but they are northwesterly winds and that brings in nothing but delightful, refreshing air. look at one thing that is not good and that is the lack of rainfall. we are in need, in a big way. so hermine, which surprised the residents of texas with as much rain, over a foot in many areas. it will be moving through the
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midwest and slowly -- slowly sliding our way. a chance of rain in to sunday, close to game time with the cowboys. more on that in a minute. here we go. 211/3 inches of rain. so a deficit of six inches. we talk about drought conditions. u.s. monitor take a look at how much rain has fallen and how hot it has been. a number of factors play in to drought. in june and july in the dc area it was a moderate drought and stretched through the lower neck and the eastern shore but watch what happens when you have excessive heat, record number of days at 90 or higher and a little bit of rainfall. actually improved for the metro area with some of the thunderstorms, unfortunately came with severe weather, but it improved from dc to the
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baltimore area. so only abnormally dry but we have a stretch of excess drought conditions that go from western parts of maryland, not garrett conte but panhandle of west virginia through faulkier county, western loudoun in to rappahanock as well, down to fredericksburg. remember gaston? it is hanging on around the dominican republic. no need to talk about gaston. but one thing that could give us moisture is a tropical system off of the coast of africa. this is igor. 2100 miles away from saint 0 thomas islands but it is a tropical storm and it has been developing. a lot of times when we see these develop quickly it is good news because because they go north. still some distance away but we are at 66 degrees. this is going to be delightful. and we will be looking at refreshing air even in to the
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evening hours. clear, cool and crisp. the seven-day forecast, i want to show you this because it will be fan fastic. it will be coming up for you. today absolutely beautiful. doesn't want to come up on us. so we will toss it over to angie. trust me on the seven-day forecast you will love the next couple. angie, i got stuck in traffic for a half hour, work zone. >> i know that construction is such a culprit but we are at the 5:00 hour so look at the map, nice clean and green and that should be out of the way by now. one boo-boo we are dealing with here is this 395. this is heading southbound. a disabled vehicle pulled off though right shoulder. response crews are on the scene. not really affecting the flow of traffic. no delays to the 14th street bridge. before that 95 northbound, i am happy to report that all lanes are open from dale city to the mixing bowl. route 4, rout 5 and 301, we
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zoom in and it remains a nice, quiet commute on all three of these roads and we will wrap in maryland. good morning to folks out there. good amount of volume germantown road. smooth sailing from father hurley to split. andrea, back to you. in the living well head leans, researchers in maryland fear the ruling on embryonic stem cell project could jeopardize their work fighting childhood leukemia. a federal court ruled that congress made its ben clear in the law which says no federal money can be used for research in which a human embryo is destroyed. not only is the joint university of maryland johns hopkins project threatened so is a major study on downs syndrome. >> we have had the tool in our hand an now it seems to us, we fear, that this will be turned off. >> to stop that work seems crazy at this moment and we are certainly hoping the ruling can
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be challenged in some way. >> reporter: while some applaud the court's decision for protecting life, patient advocates say it could delay cure and cost lives. it only applies to publicly funded research using human embryos. a controversial chemical is in the seal atlantas used to fill cavities. a bpa by-product is released when the seal atlantas interact with saliva and could be detected in children's mouths up to three hours later. the bpa's health risks are studied. it is a chemical found in many plastics that can act like estrogen in the body. the nationals are officially eliminated from the division racism know that is a surprise to me. sports is coming up next. but first here's a look at who's celebrating a birthday today, the 9th of
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good morning. don't confuse the fact that hanes wore is here that shanahan is happy about it. shanahan would personally drive him to the airport and carry his bags, too. so far no luck and shanahan announced that haynesworth will be part of the redskins when they play on sunday night. he wouldn't say if he will play in the game and wouldn't rule out trying to trade him after sunday rolls around. for now hail better stays. >> albert had a great practice today. he will be ready to go this weekend, and i think we will leave it at that. >> albert is going to play. he's going to be a guy we are cheering for to get to the quarterback because i have been there. albert sacked me last year and that one fun. >> reporter: the pity of the saga is the fact it detracted
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in a big way attention from what should be the most exciting week of the year for redskins fans, not only opening night but opening night against the cowboys. the cowboys won the nfc east and beat the redskins twice allowing washington since six points total in two games combined but sunday is the start of the shanahan and mcnabb era and they want to make a statement against their most hated enemy. >> it is good to start it off with a bang. we have boys on week one that will bring it. we are going to match to the intensity if not greater. they are going to give us all they got and i know we are going to give them all we got. >> reporter: nats and mets fit inning. ramos dunn have a major league home run to his credit but he does now. it ties the game at two. man on for the mets evans. nice pitch off the bat.
5:25 am
and a double. game winning run scores an the nats fall to the mets 3-2. that's a quick look at sports. have a great thursday, everybody. a slew of executives at a maryland defense contractor are taking buyout offers. the story is coming up. today is the last day you can vote early in the free state before next tuesday's primary elections. and police are looking for the attacker who assaulted a woman as she waited for a bus. angie has the latest on traffic. all aboard we are crossing the bay bridge making your way to route 3, bowie, continuing to washington. no problems to report along the way on 50 westbound. more traffic conditions and your weather with tom when 9 news now returns. oring-- for strong teeth act now.
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a flash back. remember this? our february snowstorm shut down metro's bus routes and outdoor rail stations. metro says fema decided to
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reimburse the $1.76 million to cover snow removal cost on top of the money given for the december blizzard. metro says it spent $12.7 million on snow removal last winter not to mention millions more in lost revenue. oh, my goodness. >> why is the hair standing up? maybe it is cold in the studio, but those pictures give me chills. >> welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. thank you for joining us this buddy check 9 thursday morning. angie with chills on her spine. we will have traffic in just a moment. first here's tom sater in for howard with the forecast and he had his traffic nightmare when he left the house at midnight or something. >> yeah. it took a while. i was out without power during that winter storm with for a week with twin girls that are a year and half. >> no fun. >> no. coming up at 6:30 we will have someone here from the
5:30 am
farmers almanac. we will have to see what they say about the coming winter and give them grief about last winter. if you are in a bad mood today you can't blame the weather. sorry, angie. that's your department now. clear skies, slaughtly fantastic. it will stay that way for a couple of days. 55 degrees in gaithersburg, 58 baltimore. annapolis 64. i think we may drop a degree or two before we start a warmup. the day at a glance, 68 at 9:00. sunshine. winds will pick up again. they are going to be northwesterly and about 10 to 15 miles an hour this afternoon. but 7 t 9 -- 79 for a high is absoluteful. over to you. >> we survived the first half hour of the 5:00 hour. we will hope help you through the rest some far so god across the viewing area. one thing we are watching is southbound on 395. a disabled vehicle is taking apart part of the right lane. northbound is fine, clear to the 14th street bridge.
5:31 am
66, no real complaints right now. just some congestion building between 50 and 123 early. finishing with a shot of the outer loop. this time in maryland, things are filling out from university over to georgia. now, over to andrea. >> thank you. police in fairfax county are on the hundred for a man who sexually assaulted a woman at a bus stop. it happened early yesterday morning at the stop near the intersection of la vista drive an franconia road. 9 news now reporter kristin fisher is live with the latest on the investigation. kristin? a what do they know? >> reporter: well, andrea, not too much at this point. that's what they are trying to figure out right now. what fairfax county police have been doing is they have been out here throughout the morning, and they have been stopping cars and giving them a sheet of paper that contains a description of the crime and a description of the suspect, and the reason they are doing it at the ungodly hour of 4:00 is when they got here, left 20
5:32 am
minutes ago. they are doing it now because this is the same time that the 23-year-old woman was attacked. she was waiting at this bus stop over here at 4:30 yesterday morning when the man approached her from behind, grabbed her and sexually assaulted her. now, shortly after that incident, this victim was found by a jogger who then flagged down an officer. the 23-year-old was taken to a local hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. of course the search is on now for the suspect. police describe him as a hispanic male between 25 and 35 years old. a stocky build and wearing a white t-shirt and tan cargo pants at the time of the attack. >> anyone who is commuting or jogging or out at darkness, early in the morning or late at night certainly needs to take precautions. >> it's scary because a lot of us go out all times of day or night, depending on your jobs, and to think someone could be lurking in the neighborhood is upsetting. >> reporter: now it is
5:33 am
upsetting for people who live in the area. they are clearly shaken by this, especially since this is a busy bus stop along a populated road. of course, you can see how dark it is. and how empty it is this time of the morning. might not be the safest thing to be standing out there all by yourself that's what police are urging residents not to do at this point in time. try not to stand out there all alone until this man has been brought in to custody. >> reporter: howard conte police have charged a man with killing his ex-wife and setting her apartment on fire. firefighters found the body of thelma winn in her apartment on tuesday. police determined she was stabbed to death before the fire. her ex-husband, 34-year-old damon white is under police guard at a hospital. her four children were not home at the time of the attack. they are staying with relatives. police in greenbelt, maryland are investigating the suspicious death of a 3-month-
5:34 am
old girl. she died last friday. the call to authorities came from a home on spring hill drive but police say the autopsy completed yesterday has raised questions and they plan to investigate further. today is the last day maryland voters can cast their ballots early ahead of the primary elections. the free state's early voting centers will be open 10:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. ment there are 48 early voting centers statewide. to get those locations as well as places where you can vote early in the district, log on to and click on 9 news extras. now, dc runs early voting period through next monday, september 13th. a new poll shows vincent gray is leading in his effort to unseat mayor fenty. the poll has gray leading fenty 45-38%. however, the poll also shows a
5:35 am
racial divide. fenty leads gray 68 to 22% among white voters. among black voters, gray leads fenty 62 to 17%. we brought you an indepth interview with mayor fenty and his wife earlier this week. coming up at 11 this morning we sit down with vincent gray at his home. so you want to watch that. it is time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is back with an mass exodus of executives at a local firm. >> they are heading to the doors because of buyout packages at welcome heed martin. 600 executives have have taken them up on the plan. they are looking to cut the work force by 10,000 employees. defense contractors are scrambling to prepare for pentagon budget cuts. one giant supermarket in dc
5:36 am
is getting a facelift. the president of giant food will meet with mayor fenty, gray and orlocal officials today to mark plans for a new school store on wisconsin avenue and cleveland park. the company is redeveloping the existing gain store and adding town homes and apartments. it is time for the money saver them next time you are in the seafood section of the grocery store think twice before you buy. often items at the couldn'ter are freshly frozen. that means they have been frozen and then defrosted. instead defrost it yourself and save the price. for more check out my blog the you can save money on frozen, too. the difference can be up to 25% different. >> when you think fresh you think it is fresh and not frozen and thawed out an put out. >> check when you are buying fresh seafood to see if it is actually fresh. >> very good advice. the remnants of tropical
5:37 am
storm hermine won't let go of texas. that story is coming up. plus, intentionally sinking a couple of ships off the florida coast turned out to be a quite a chore. we will have that story, as well. here's angie. you can hear a pin drop out this way. fox hall and canal a smooth commute. no incidents or accidents along the way we have the top news headlines when we
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nationwide just over 33,800 traffic deaths were reported last year, a drop of 10%. officials attribute the drop to seat belt usage, less drunk driving and safer vehicles. a near tragedy for some kayakers who tried to paddle in
5:40 am
floodwaters created by what was tropical storm hermine. despite warnings from authorities the kayakers headed downstream. one got his craft wedged in such a tight spot he had to be rescued without his kayak. emergency crews in austin have made a dozen swift water rescues. not everything went as planned on wednesday as authorities off the coast of miami tried to create a new artificial reef with two old ships. despite punching mass holes in the ship the ship wouldn't sink. they worked for hours to get one to go down and they had to spray more water on the other one to get it to go down. a clinical trial seeks to reduce breast cancer recurrence rates through lifestyle changes. that story is coming up. a new program in one maryland suburb encourages you to tattle on drives who break the law. good morning. there is an old weather saying that the winds of the daytime wrestle and fight.
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longer an stronger than those in the night. they were wrestling last night and will wrestle again this afternoon. but clear skies and temperatures are delightful and it will stay this way the next couple of days. stay with us. you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas.
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5:45 am
survivors, being obese or overweigh can increase a woman's chances of a recurrence. >> women who are overweight or obese they increase their risk of developing breast cancer in the unaffected breast, and moreover, people who have breast cancer ander that overweigh or obese they double their risk of a recurrence within five years. >> reporter: this doctor is the associated director for minority health and health disparities research a georgetown comprehensive cancer center. previous studies shown that black women breast cancer patients are more likely to be obese and gain weight during treatment. it willle is known how to help them achieve and maintain a healthy weight. >> we know if you reduce your weight you will improve your health outcome when it comes to diabetes, heart disease, many other issues that come up an arise in the black community. >> reporter: so she and
5:46 am
georgetown colleague have designed a clinical trial to improve exercise levels and diet in black women. it's called stepping stones, survivors taking on nutrition and exercise. >> women in our intervention group will have an opportunity to participate in group education classes and in those group sessions they will exercise with other survivors and they will also receive cooking classes, recipes, information about proper nutrition. the orcomponent that are women will receive will be personalized phone continentallinging session led by a survivor coach. >> reporter: to be eligible for the trial you must be african- american or black, not currently participating in an exercise program, over age 21, within six months to five years post cancer treatment and overweight. >> very excited an we think it will be a great opportunity for all participants and what we learn from the study we plan to disseminate to the community. >> reporter: if you are
5:47 am
interested in getting more information or participating in the stepping stones trial contact 202-887-0848. you can see the story again and share it with your buddy at click on the buddy check tab. tom sater is in for howard bernstein. and tom is here spreading the glad news. >> yes. hard to believe we hit 96 degrees yesterday. >> it is amazing. it didn't feel that hot. >> that may be it for the rest of the season. the next seven days look fantastic. it took a while for the cold front to move in. therefore we hit 96, not a record. dulles hit 93 and that tied a record that goes back to 2007, 1985 and 1976. good news to behold. the next several days. here's the next three and we will go from there.
5:48 am
a lot going on with noing in texas and the wildfires in colorado. next three days, how about this? still a little breezy but notice the sky conditions. nothing but sunshine today, tomorrow. still mostly sunny, i think as we get in to saturday but lathe on saturday we may have a little moisture up here. i think it will be dry on saturday but overnight in to sunday, hopefully we get the rain out of here in time for the cowboy redskin game on sunday evening but breezy conditions, still northwesterly and picking up later today, 10 to 15 miles an hour. possibly gusting to 20 to 25. 66, that's nice. 83. are up to the philadelphia area. you see 50sment. tomorrow morning cooler an we will stay that way for a couple of days, at least cooler than average. average is 891 degrees. -- 81 degrees. cool, clear and crisp, that is an autumn word. don't use that much.
5:49 am
nothing says football like frost advisories. winds will lighten up and diminish overnight an pick up tomorrow 10 to 15 miles an hour but upper 70s. so still fantastic. here's the u.s. picture. notice the dark colors of green. cool air funneling through the great lakes and the ohio valley. 52 chicago. near boulder those fires scorched 6,000-acres north and west of boulder. denver is 58. firefighters are saying they have 0% confined. so they need help. not going to get much. maybe an isolated shower. this is hermine. expected four to six inches but they picked up a foot in some areas. that moisture is moving to missouri an the ozarks and sliding in our direction. the cold front took its time. we got up to 96 but high pressure will keep our skies clear and we will wait and see what happens. this is saturday morning.
5:50 am
here's the cloud cover. that will be moving in to the area. therefore, when it comes to the seven-day forecast i have rainfall on sunday, scattered showers. maybe a good 40 to 50% chance. hopefully we will get it out of here in time for the redskins game but another front moves through and another stretch of delightful weather. so, as mentioned earlier, you can not blame weather if you are in a bad mood. sorry for that introduction, angie. i was in traffic for 30 minutes on the beltway. >> i had it last night for an hour on the inner loop, reduced to one lane trying to make my way from national harbor to the herndon area we are not dealing with the construction right now. most of the construction zones have cleared out of the way. clean and green on a lot of the maps. at 270 looks like we are moving well. building volume around 118 germantown road making your way to montross. as we go back to the maps, we zoom in. bw parkway here on 95 looking
5:51 am
nice and green making your way to the beltway. you are at speed. in the district, we give you south capitol street where it meets the suitland parkway looks like drivers are fine here. a couple of them pulled off to the shoulder. and wrapping up with 95 in virginia. looks like more drivers are hitting the road competing for that space between the prince william parkway and 123. back to you. have you ever been so angry at another driver you wished there was a cop around to issue a ticket or that you could do it yourself? in gaithersburg police are hoping you stay mad long enough to let them know about it. it will allow drivers to report bad behavior on the road but no tickets or points are involved. >> it is a written letter. no enforcement. it is a warning and basically says on date and time your vehicle was observed being operated in violation of maryland law and it will cite what the specific violation is. >> reporter: the program has been in place for one week and
5:52 am
so far officials received four complaints. if you need a reason for a shopping spree this weekend, we have one. coming up in entertainment news. and a group of law enforcement officers stopped in washington on their tour of duty to mark the anniversary of 9/11. in the examiner, the illegal immigrant accused of killing a virginia nun real while driving drunk is indicted on murder charges. labor unions run an unprecedented get out the vote effort ahead of the dc mayoral primary next tuesday. anita taxpayer march on washington is scheduled in washington. read these story and more in the examiner. miss dimitra, when will you marry me?
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and no mess. new icy hot power gel. don't mess around with pain. here's a look at entertainment. morgan will replace king on cnn. it will be based in new york and larry's last show is december 16th. it is round 8. ding ding ding for mike tyson in the father hood ring. tyson and his wife announced they are expectinger that second child in january. jersey shore has been ordered to pay a hundred dollars fine and perform community service for disturbing beach goers with loud language. they coulded her a landcy lohan wannabe. in local buzz, new taste of i
5:56 am
tall ya comes to bethesda. the age old mediterranean tradition of cooking combined with an urban upscale atmosphere guests dined under real olive trees after placinger that made to order meal which was created right before their eyes. metro mix is giving you a reason to shop until you drop this weekend as the district geese up for one of the biggest re retail rallies 0 the year. >> we are excited about fashion right now and georgetown is joining us. >> cities across the globe fashion's night out. it promises to be an epic evening with more than 80 stores, restaurants and salons open for extended hours. all are offering splurge inspiring evens and promotions. enjoy free ped did cab ride help you show a purchase from a participating merchant. don't miss the silver spring jazz festival from 3:00
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to 10:30 this hard. -- this saturday. aaron neville head leans with marcus johnson, a silver spring native. metro mix is teaching up with what's the deal in a weekly give away. this week's freebie a $50 gift certificate to the reserve. what's the deal is also hosting a free open bar happy hour tonight at the reserve. for details and to enter to win log on to dc.metro back to you. remembering remembering 9/11. some australian and american firefighters are on their last leg of a cross-country run to honor the civil servicemen an women who lost their lives during the rescue attempts in new york. 9 news now reporter alex trevino talked to them on their brief stop here in the nation's capital it. >> is humbling to be here at the national memorial. >> reporter: the team of duty comprises firefighters from two
5:58 am
countries, australia and america. >> thank you for being here and we are honored that you are here on our hallowed grounds. >> reporter: the journey started in california a month ago. a band of brothers pushing each other in the name of remembrance to reach the finish lain. >> one of the biggest things is we run all hours. >> reporter: the men are on pace to make it to ground zero to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> the police and nypd that died on 9/11. >> for officer stephens of the port authority, rubbing the name of george howard gives special significance to him. >> the speech that george bush gave, he held a badge up an it was given by george howard's mother. at the rubble she reached out an gave it to george bush and when he gave the speech to the join session of congress and there is a picture of him holding a badge up it is from a port authority police officer.
5:59 am
it has different meanings but the most is providing a momento for family members and will haved ones. >> no matter how many oceans are between us we are all family and look out for each other all the time. >> alex trevino, 9 news now. the tour of duty runners are expected to arrive at ground zero saturday morning. we thank you for watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is off today but tom sater is here with the forecast and not bad. >> not bad at all. i can't find anything to complain about except need of rain. extreme drought conditions in many areas most likely in your local will are probably signs posted no burning. if you are a cigarette smoker be careful. no throwing it out the window because a lot of towns where we

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